Your Website. Here’s what we’ll need?

If  you are reading this post, you have probably chosen us to develop your website. To save you time, we’ve created this list to help you get everything we need.

Here’s what we’ll need to get started.


Your company logo in vector format so we can generate a svg. If you do not have a logo, we can assist you in making one.


Sitemap or how many and what pages you want to have. Along with their layout in menus and submenus.


High-resolution photos representing your business, team, activity, products or services. Video clips are a great way for the site to gain more dynamic, as well as a better performance of your business.


Well-written texts (in digital format) for each page with instructions for their positioning on the above-mentioned sitemap.
In the process of writing try to put keywords that you would like to be found on the search engines (without abusing it too much).

Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions for use of the site, which can be prepared by a lawyer.

Protection of personal data (GDPR)

They must be drafted by a lawyer.


Phones, address (along with a map location) so we can add an exact address to Google Maps. An email to receive queries from the contact form on the site.

Content layout

Please provide us with the above content in an archive where it is arranged in folders. To make it easy for us to orientate and save time in unnecessary questions to you.
We hope you found this information useful.

The Fregata Team

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